Axe the Tampon Tax

Join thousands of Australians who are working to axe the tampon tax

If the Liberals actually care about a fairer tax system, they should vote with Labor to abolish the tampon tax.

Australian women spend around $300 million on sanitary products – tampons and pads – each year. Currently, every single one of these products is hit with the 10 per cent GST – around $30 million a year in tax – because they are not considered necessities.

It’s time this arrogant and out of touch Prime Minister gave women a $30 million tax cut, instead of giving his mates at the big banks a $17 billion one.

Labor has designed a fully-funded plan that’s supported by all Labor states and territories to make sanitary products more affordable for millions of Australian women.

The tampon tax is a tax on women. It’s unfair and discriminatory.

We need to stand up and call on the Prime Minister to support legislation in the lower house so we can axe the tax once and for all.